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3 Considerations to Plan for a PowerBuilder to .NET Migration

There are three considerations that your project team need plan for when considering a Powerbuilder to .Net Migration.   The first consideration should be cost.  You should have a strong understanding of how the underpinnings of the existing application really works. For many organizations this is challenging because often times the existing application documentation does that adequately reflect the true current state or the organization just doesn’t have the resource bandwidth to properly assess the application. Not having this vital step completed, can introduce significant risks for experiencing underestimated project migration costs.

Secondly, think about the requirements that maybe overlooked during the process. The existing legacy code should be analyzed to include dependencies to fully understand the change impacts up and downstream. Successfully completing a PowerBuilder to .NET migration is not just about mapping programming language constructs between languages but a Model Rectification approach should be used to transform the existing code structures into a completely a multi-tiered architecture that meets the business, system and security requirements effectively and efficiently.

The last challenge to tackle is determining the appropriate test coverage and strategy. This is typically very expensive for organizations because testing should be done to the highest standard, and should cover around 80% to 90% of the code in order for the software to be considered “sufficiently” tested. We have found it better to leverage an automated solution to do static analysis of source code against a set of defined rules that are CMMI Level 4 and ISO 15939 compliant to transform the Powerbuilder application in a more efficient way while still reducing the number of software bugs that can be introduced during the transformation.

Integritas Solutions has the expertise to complete power builder to .net migrations successfully because we leverage a unique analytic approach powered by Morphis to help clients auto-generate current state application documentation. Secondly the Morphis technology platform used by Integritas Solutions can refactor Powerbuilder legacy code and transform it to .Net, and we provide automated code certification as part of our transformational processes.

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