Legacy Application Modernization Services

When adapting to business needs, legacy applications are anything but agile. Legacy applications have become a significant business problem. They carry a high cost of ownership, are difficult to modify to meet ongoing business demands, require a legacy skill set that fewer and fewer people possess, and do not adequately meet today’s compliance demands. 

The average company spends a large percentage of its IT budget maintaining these legacy applications. As a result, IT organizations are under increasing pressure to reduce these costs and respond more nimbly, but they can’t evolve their old applications as fast as they need or want to by rewriting or replacing those applications.

Integritas Solutions provides application modernization services and solutions that are designed to help organizations reduce their cost and time by up to 40% or more to transform outdated applications into cloud-enabled .Net or Java applications.

The Morphis application modernization platform can be delivered as a full managed service engagement or we can train your staff how to leverage its transformation capabilities.  Our delivery model is completely flexible. The platform works with multiple legacy languages that include Oracle forms, PL/SQL, COBOL, Powerbuilder, Custom SAP ABAP code, Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP.net or any other legacy development languages. Your legacy application is modernized and re-architected into a current Java or .Net platform that can be deployed to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud services or any any cloud provider you choose if that is your hosting strategy.  

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Our legacy application modernization approach:

Let us help you understand how much time and money you could save by modernizing your legacy application with our platform by receiving an initial, no obligation analysis of the complexity and effort required to modernize your application.

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