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How to Efficiently Convert Oracle Forms to .Net

Oracle Forms to .NET

Oracle forms used to be the go-to platform for businesses as it allows the creation of technological infrastructure without the need for complex coding. However, as more technological advancements like .NET and Java became available, Oracle forms are now perceived as highly inflexible especially when they are compared with modern applications.

Oracle forms notably come with higher ownership costs and often fail to meet today’s compliance standards. For this reason, most businesses have decided to convert oracle forms to .NET to keep up with the changes in technology and optimize their business applications. Unfortunately, most small businesses struggle to modernize their applications as the ability to convert oracle forms to .NET is not easy.

Converting Oracle Forms to .Net

It is important to convert Oracle Forms to .NET so that business applications will be compatible with the cloud technology. Choosing the right company that offers excellent legacy application modernization services is crucial in converting your oracle forms into a more flexible .Net application. While you may think that rewriting and starting from scratch is a good idea, this method would actually require more time, effort, and money. When migrating to the .Net platform, utilizing migration tools are definitely more beneficial for your company and notably easier. All you need to do is find a partner that will provide you with effective migration tools to help you modernize your applications.

Why Choose Integritas Solutions

Integritas Solutions, being one of the leading providers of legacy application modernization services, will help you in your migration to .Net. Businesses who have used our services reportedly reduced the cost of migrating their technology by 40%. With Integritas Solutions, you have the option to leverage our ability to convert oracle forms to .NET applications through a full-managed service engagement or have your staff trained to efficiently use our modernization applications.

When migrating oracle forms, it is important to put the needs of the businesses at the core of the conversion rather than simply relying on a preset form. This is why an initial assessment of the legacy applications as well as its subsequent new codes is carried out by our experts. This process allows us to discover patterns, evaluate risks, and do effort estimations. Our .Net migration process also involves code refactoring and remediation when converting your oracle forms.

With our extensive .Net migration processes, you are assured of having business applications that are tailored to match your business needs. Oracle forms remain to be widely used and as most businesses are still relying on them, we intend to help these businesses in modernizing their oracle forms to become cloud-enabled .Net applications. It is never too late to keep up with the technological changes in business applications. Leverage the expertise of professionals and reap the benefits of having cutting-edge business applications.