Cloud Security Services

Simplify Security for Your Cloud Environment

Integritas Solutions provides cloud security services & solutions that are focused on improving an organizations visibility and capability to respond and protect their SAAS, Hybrid and Public cloud environments against data security threats and lack of compliance.

The Benefits

  • Improve visibility and reduce response times to detect and respond to data security threats in cloud environments
  • Maintain privacy and compliance across all of the SAAS, IAAS and PAAS cloud environments
  • Quickly identify the cloud applications in use by the organization’s employees
  • Easily integrate capabilities into the organizations existing security controls that improve context and coverage across cloud environments

Managed Cloud Security Services include:

  • 24×7 Monitoring & Analysis of your cloud environment to detect gaps associated with compromised accounts, data leakages, anomalous behaviors, and compliance violations
  • Tailored Threat Intelligence & Community Sharing to increase detection & prevention capabilities
  • Vulnerability Management (Re-mediate risks based vulnerabilities within the cloud environments or on premise if required)

Our Approach:

  • We leverage a leading edge cloud application security broker combined with customized open source tools with big data capabilities to gain complete visibility across all hybrid, public and SAAS cloud services which enables our team of experienced analysts & engineers to respond and remediate advanced threats.

Latest Cloud Security Report

Download one of the latest Cloud Security Reports to understand the rising risks to mitigate