Automated Code Refactoring & Enhancement Services

How it works?

Integritas Solutions Modernization Process

Automated Application Assessment

We use a unique analytic approach to help clients auto-generate the application documentation required to successfully plan and execute a modernization initiative.

Automated Refactoring

Integritas solutions leverages Transformer powered by Morphisto transform legacy software applications by extracting the original code structure and semantics to generate models which can be cleaned up (removal of redundant & dead code) then migrated to .Net, Java or any other target language while maintaining the existing application functionality.


The following legacy languages are supported:

  • Oracle Forms

  • Power builder


  • Delphi

  • Visual Basic

  • PL1

  • Informix 4 GL

  • Oracle Pro C

  • VB.Net

  • Other Legacy Languages


In a typical modernization project, we accomplish the database conversion by converting the legacy database schema into the target modern relational databases of interest. We adapt the modernized application code to use the transformed schema by setting it up in our development environment for our internal testing and validation prior to delivery of the transformed code base.


Integritas can take specifications from the client to improve the overall design and architecture of the legacy application like breaking apart highly complex methods into simple and maintainable methods, or re-mediating security vulnerabilities. Additionally, we can web\cloud enable your application to include auto-generating an agnostic presentation layer for the transformed application using technologies like Adobe Flex, HTML5, WPF, AngularJS.

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