Automated Application Assessment Services

Automated App Assessment Services

“Reduce the risk of app modernization project failure”

Studies have shown that the #1 cause of project failure for app modernization projects is a poor understanding of legacy application code. To quickly assess your legacy application, we use a unique analytic approach powered by Morphisto help clients auto-generate the detailed application documentation in UML format required to successfully plan and execute a modernization initiatives.

    The Auto-generated Documentation:

  • Identifies Application design patterns

  • Identifies complexities for each Module

  • Identifies dead or duplicate code (Make the application code more efficient)

  • Identifies quality standard violations

  • Identifies internal & external dependencies

  • Identifies database calls

    The insight from our services helps project teams

  • Avoid Underestimated costs

  • Avoid Overlooked requirements

  • Predict & minimize the risks of unanticipated complications

  • Close knowledge gaps that exists about the underpinnings of the application

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Do you have a legacy application in your portfolio that you would like to know more about its underpinnings?

Request a free automated assessment of your application today!

This free assessment will include extracting, ingesting and parsing the source code of your legacy application to produce As-Is Documentation.


  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Powerbuilder

  • Delphi

  • C#

  • VB


  • Oracle Forms

  • Informix 4GL

  • More…