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Application Modernization Services in 2018

Application modernization services

Sometimes it feels like the phrase ‘modernizing technology’ is redundant: the speed at which technology has progressed is staggering, meaning it can be more difficult and expensive to keep up with it all. Legacy applications epitomize the need to keep up with technology because failing to do so can mean less streamlined business capability, and unnecessary costs. The ubiquity of cloud-based applications means that legacy applications must be modernized and ‘taught’ to be compatible with this sort of technology.

One way of doing so is by utilizing application modernization services. Essentially, companies are looking to use businesses to outsource the headache of having to modernize their legacy applications. IT departments may find that costs of rewriting from scratch has too much risk and cost associated with it.  Application modernization services offer the chance for businesses to refactor or re-purpose their current legacy programs to more closely align it to their changing business needs while lowering technology debt.

When evaluating these application modernization service providers, you should find out what is the vendor’s approach for addressing several common challenges when planning a modernization initiative.    First, what is the process of gathering the information required to analyze the source code for each module within the legacy application to determine how they connect, depend and impact each other?  Understanding the level of complexity for each module, identifying the number internal and external dependencies, deep call tree levels is a very important step in minimizing the risk associated with these type of change initiatives. Secondly, does the vendor of choice have the ability to quickly and effectively identify and eliminate duplicate code or code that was poorly written according to best practice standards within the legacy application? This type of quality check improves system efficiency and will reduce the overall maintenance cost to support the application after the modernization has occurred.

Leveraging Application modernization services will be a key strategy moving forward in for many organizations in 2018.   Be sure that your organization doesn’t just focus on the automated code conversion ratio’s that a vendor will tell you they can achieve with their capabilities transforming your legacy application code into newer technologies.

Application modernization services delivered by Integritas Solutions provides organizations with a cost effective way to obtain key information & deep insight about their legacy applications that are being considered for modernization.  Using legacy application code analytics powered by Morphis,  we provide the intelligence required to create more effective conversion strategies and reduce the risks associated with modernizing targeted systems. To find out more about these services contact us or call us at 888-272-2614